Confidentiality Policy

Data Protection Policy

Your job role at Best Choice Training might bring you into contact with confidential information concerning the company, its staff, customers, suppliers and contractors. In order to ensure that all those who work with us or use our services do so with confidence, it is a condition of your employment that you have a duty of confidentiality with regards to every information that you might have access to by virtue of working with the Company. The Company policy requires that all staff and volunteers maintain a high standard of confidentiality and are made fully aware of the Company’s policies on Data Protection, privacy and confidentiality.

All staff and volunteers are to abide by the principles of these policies, and report any breach in confidentiality or weaknesses in the systems guaranteeing confidentiality. Where there may be legal requirements for disclosure (e.g. in cases of a suspected criminal offence, where there is a likelihood of harm to an individual, or where child abuse may be suspected) individuals will be told about this at the earliest possible stage.

Data Protection and Access to Information

The Company will comply with all statutory requirements of the Data Protection Act by registering all personal data held on its computer and/or related electronic equipment and by taking all reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy and confidentiality of such information.

The Data Protection Act protects individuals’ rights concerning information about them held on computer. Anyone processing personal data must comply with the principles of good practice.

Employees can request access to the information held on them by the Company. All requests by employees to gain access to their personnel records should be made in writing. There is no charge for this service.

Changes in Personal Information for Employment Purposes

It is important that the company has a up to date record of every staff as incomplete or out of date information may affect your salary or make contact impossible in emergency situations. Your Line Manager MUST be notified immediately of all changes in the following personal information:

Home address
Telephone number
Bank account details
Examinations passed/qualifications gained
Emergency contact
Driving licence penalties (if you are required to drive on Company business)
Criminal charge, caution or conviction
Conflict, or potential conflict of interest

Personal data on employees is held in accordance with the provisions of the Company’s Data Protection Policy which will be made available for inspection by you if required.