Prayer & Faith Facilities Policy

Best Choice Training aim to facilitate prayer and faith facilities at the sites listed below. General principles for the use of all of these prayer and faith facilities are:

The facilities shall be used only in ways which are consistent with the Dignity and Respect Policy of the Centre, which enshrines our principles of Equality & Diversity and by those whose behaviour, is consistent with the Policy:

All users of prayer rooms and other faith-related facilities must leave them in their original layout and in a clean and tidy condition so that they can be used immediately by others. Personal belongings should not be left unattended.

  • Posters, leaflet, flyers etc are not to be placed in the prayer and faith facilities without the prior permission of the Chaplaincy.
  • Misuse or damage of the facilities may result in a ban from using them.
  • Please do not bring children or any other persons into these rooms without the appropriate safety checks.
  • No children under the age of 19 are allowed into those rooms.
  • If users have concerns with regard to any facility, they should contact the building’s receptionist, or the person/s designated as key contact on the facility’s noticeboard.

Resources for prayer.

You are allowed to take your own personal items to facilitate your prayer. Please ensure that these are removed to make accommodate for people of different faith and other meetings held in these rooms.

Available rooms

Rooms are available for your use. The rooms must be booked in advance and for the period during your break or lunch times. Please ask a member of staff for support if needed.

Room 1: 1st Floor 48 Quadrant Court, Room 2: Ground floors 48 Quadrant Court are open. These are bookable; please book room to accommodate any religious prayer. You can book rooms through the receptionist base at 51-52 Quadrant Court, by emailing or telephone 01214556137.

External Speakers

External Speakers and other visitors Users wishing to bring speakers or visitors who are external to the Best Choice Training Centre to lead prayers or work with groups must submit the standard form to or contact Muree on 07964018655 or through BCT reception on 01214481033.