Apprenticeship Benefits

An apprenticeship is a combination of employment in a real job that is supported by structured learning to gain the necessary skills required for your current and future career. Apprenticeships allow you to earn while you learn, and achieve recognised qualifications.


Are you looking for study or work?
Best Choice Training Ltd provides you with the opportunity to learn while you earn. We provide a wide range of qualification in different subject areas to support your choice of career development, improve practice and job enhancement.

The apprenticeship program is a valuable choice of study to give your staff the theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

What are Apprenticeships?…..
An Apprenticeship is high quality learning programme aimed at young people from the age of 16.
You must be employed by a business to equip you with both the theoretical knowledge and practical experience needed to complete the theory and practical element of the qualification.

What are the benefits of being an apprentice?

·You will earn a salary whilst training
·Gain skills and qualifications that employers want
·Apprenticeships provide opportunities to further your studies and improve your employability
·Increased future earning potential
·Better long term salary prospects
·Learning at a pace suited to the individual with the support of a training provider
·Paid holiday

How do they work?
To achieve an apprenticeship framework qualification you must achieve the following components:

•A technical Certificate (knowledge base component)
•Diploma or Certificate (knowledge and practical component)
•Math and English at level 1 or 2 ( If you have already achieve math and English within the past five years at level 1 or 2 then you will be exempt from doing this element of the framework.
•Employment rights and responsibilities
•Personal learning and thinking skills


Are in employment

(full time or part time- working 16 or more hours weekly) but be able to attend college just one day a week

•A UK resident living in England for the past three years, an EU citizen, or have the right to work in the UK/EU