Higher apprenticeships equip apprentices and businesses with the skills they need for the future of their industry. They can offer an attractive alternative to university for higher level study, and on completion the apprentice may have opportunities to gain professional qualifications or top up to a BA, BSc or BEng Honours degree.

Who are Higher Apprenticeships for?

Higher apprentices may be 16 years of age, although as it is expected that they will have completed suitable level 3 qualifications before taking the Higher Apprenticeship, it is more likely that they will be 18 years or older. The individual can be new to the profession or can already be working as a member of staff within a company.

There are no formal entry requirements for the BTEC Higher Apprenticeships. Apprentices may have completed Level 3 BTEC qualifications or equivalents (A levels, a Level 3 Apprenticeship, a professional qualification in the sector at a lower level), they may have previously worked in the sector or they may have no prior qualifications.

Courses commencing September:

BTEC Higher Apprenticeship in Business and Professional Administration

BTEC Higher Apprenticeship in Leadership and Management

BTEC Higher Apprenticeship in Care Leadership and Management

BTEC Higher Apprenticeship in Operational/Departmental Manager
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