Learning Mentor (LM) Level 3 Apprenticeship

The LM (Learning Mentor) is and must be ‘grounded’ in up-to-date processes and procedures, relevant to the learner’s programme of development. The LM role could therefore be considered as a first step towards development as an education and training professional. 

Within the sector ‘mentoring’ is understood to be different to ‘coaching’. Mentoring is a relatively basic support role that is based on providing advice and guidance, which needs to be delivered by a more experienced person. 

A LM supports the development of their learner’s knowledge, skills, and behaviours, throughout their learning programme, particularly around the application of theoretical knowledge within practical working environments. Mentoring takes place on a one-to-one basis, or in small groups. LM’s provide practical, technical, and/or pastoral support and guidance. 

LM’s collaborate closely with colleagues, other Education and Training professionals and employers to meet learners’ development needs towards achieving their potential.

 The LM apprenticeship requires development of the professional behaviours, knowledge, and skills as identified in the Standard. 

Mandated within this qualification is the Level 1 Safeguarding qualification achieved – result confirmed by Awarding Organisation